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The most important phase which is considered to women is during her Pregnancy and motherhood phase because seamless care should be given to women who are undergoing this journey. Hence we make this journey super smooth with proper counseling and guidance. Apart from providing the required clinical facilities for various other issues, we are specialized in maternity and reproductive healthcare, childbirth, and postnatal care. We are there for you throughout your lifetime, especially during your motherhood (pre and postnatal care).

Pre-Pregnancy Counselling

This Pre- Pregnancy Counselling is for Couples who have had mishaps in their previous pregnancies, it is useful if they can be checked and treated for and preventable causes. This comprises pre-pregnancy counseling. It is also useful for newly married couples who are ready to have a baby or have a family history of problems while having a baby. The common problems may be caused by Diabetes, Infections or may even be Genetic.

Antenatal Care

For nine months the mother carries her baby till delivery which constitutes a very important phase. The mother will be constantly monitored and kept in optimal health to carry during the journey of pregnancy then after delivery and look after the baby. At this period the baby must also be checked to see if it is growing well. The common problems faced by many people are treated with anemia, diabetes, worm infestation, thyroid problems, etc. Initially, they are checked and are monitored every month and this becomes more frequent as pregnancy progresses or if problems arise.


It is often regarded as the crowning moment in a mother’s life has to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. This can be achieved by proper preparation and advice on how to handle the pitfalls in the process. However, delivery can also be a painful, traumatic and at times life-threatening process. These situations have to be anticipated, diagnosed and handled carefully to prevent a catastrophe. The hospital has a team of experienced, highly qualified doctors and well-trained nurses to handle the delivery rooms.

Postnatal Care

After delivery, the Post-Patrum sate the mother and baby are in a particularly vulnerable state – the mother can have abnormal bleeding, contract infections, have lactation problems and also go in for Post-Patrum depression. The medical team has to be alert to these occurrences and take proper steps to counter it.

Fetal Medicine

The science of fetal medicine looks after the well being of the baby while it is in the mother. With excellent scanning facilities and relevant blood investigations, problems can be detected. The common problems are congenital defects in the baby, abnormal blood groups like Rh causing growth errors, abnormal blood flow to the baby resulting in growth retardation. These are very difficult problems esp if not identified in time and all these can be treated under proper guidance.


We specialize in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology offers a broad spectrum of women health care services involving unborn children and pregnant women along with efficient management of related diseases.

Adolescence Clinic

The phase where girls on their teen’s normally is marked by her attaining menarche ( her first periods) This can be a trying situation as the girl is too young to understand it and the family unable to support her. This can become further difficult if she has excessive bleeding or is anemic. The adolescence clinic will help to guide the young girl and her parents to properly manage the growth-related changes.

Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

These are basically tests taken using a Laparoscope or a hysteroscope. These tests are basically performed for people who are expecting a baby in their life. The scopes are inserted into the abdomen at the navel or into the uterine cavity through the vagina. Several congenital problems or small growths like polyps can be found and treated. These tests are also carried out in women planning a pregnancy to assess the patency of the tubes and check for infections. The laparoscopy is also used to close the tubes in women who have completed their families.

Menopausal Care

We extreme care about the Menopause stage in women, because This is also an important phase in a women’s’ life as she has to deal with the physical and mental changes that occur.
The cessation of periods refers to Menopause. which occurs between 45-48 years in Indian women and bleeding disorders commonly occur.

Breast Care

Another important practice during Postnatal Care is the breast care has to be provided in the antenatal period to check if the development is normal and if the nipples are everted. At delivery, the mother has to be taken through the process of establishing lactation. Proper care and advice on breastfeeding are very important.

Fertility Treatment

IUI IVF/ICSI for couples not able to have a child. Specialist in providing treatment like Andrology


This is the investigation of the male partner infertility workup. It consists of proper history, local examination, semen analysis. If problems are detected further detailed tests may be required. If sperms are not found a biopsy of the testis may be required.


This means intrauterine insemination. It is used to help women to conceive when other methods don’t work. The semen is collected, centrifuged and the live active sperms taken and put in the mouth of the uterus.


This constitutes the “test-tube” baby. Here the sperm from the husband and the ova from the wife are taken and mixed together to achieve a pregnancy. The embryo so formed is grown for 24 to 48 hrs and then replaced in the uterus. This is the only method of pregnancy in women who had blocked tubes.

Paediatric & Newborn Care

The pediatric department of the hospital is manned by qualified pediatricians who see the babies as soon as they are born. The babies are checked in detail for anomalies. The proper method of handling the baby and its care and lactation advised. Newborn screening is offered to all babies. Babies are checked for newborn jaundice. The proper immunization schedule is explained and follow up visits planned.

Preventive Medicine

This preventive checkup has a master checkup, Cancer Screening, Colposcopy, Mammogram screening.

Master Health Check-up

In an era when good health means wealth, the regular check-up offers an option to detect abnormalities. This may range from abnormal sugars to growths. Early detection of these leads to better treatment. We offer the medical check-up as an annual test to women above the age of 40 and to those who have had any problem earlier.


Immunization refers to protection from the commonly occurring infections. During adulthood protection from influenza, tetanus is common. During pregnancy, immunization is an essential factor in a later stage which may affect the baby.

Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening is done during the life of a woman some types of malignancy may occur. These may be more in those with a family history of the same. Hence screening for breast, cervix and uterine malignancy is a must.


IT is the examination of the cervix – the mouth of the uterus. This region is particularly important as it may get infected or develop tears or maybe the site of malignant growths. Before colposcopy, a Paps smear is taken to check for infection. Blood may also be tested for Human Papilloma Virus.


It is an imaging technique of the breasts. In the test, the breasts are scanned for abnormal growths or fluid collections. In the hospital, both Ultrasound and Xray mammography are offered. In later life, preventive mammography is advised to all women.