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Cost-Effective, Accessible And High-Quality Healthcare For Women And Children

The hospital was inaugurated in 1985 with 6 beds and a single OT and would conduct an average 8-10 deliveries per month.
Through the years the hospital has grown by continuously sticking to the values and ideologies of the founder. The hospital is now conducting over 100 deliveries per month and has expanded facilities to have over 50 beds, 3 Operation Theatres and Specialised labour rooms.

Our Story

Joseph Hospitals (JH) has been a pioneer in Women’s Healthcare in Chennai for over 30 years and continues to lead the way in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the country. JH has been a family run hospital since its inception in 1985 and now has its fourth generation of gynaecologists as part of the hospital.
JNH provides an array of healthcare solutions centred around women and children, from a routine check-up to advanced treatments. The hospital is well equipped to handle all your needs.
The hospital was among the forerunners for endoscopic treatment in India and this has allowed us to remain as a leader in the field of Gynaecology in India. (Various treatments to be added)
Over the years we have grown from conducting 8-10 deliveries a month to now over a 100, this has given us a unique opportunity to learn and research the best practices, that now allows us to boast the highest normal delivery rate in the city with over 80% of normal deliveries.
The JNH IVF Centre established in 2003 is one of the oldest IVF centres in Chennai and with advanced techniques and state of the art equipment we endeavour to create an accessible and highly successful treatment for patients with fertility issues. The hospital also houses an advanced training facility for Laparoscopy and Endoscopy that cater to both Indian and international students.


Cost-Effective, Accessible and High-Quality healthcare For Women and Newborns


Practical High-Quality Healthcare accessible to all women and babies



Operation Theatres


Our Panel of Doctors

Directors & Consultants


Dr. Rekha

Consultants – Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dr. Tarun

Dr. Sivashannkari

Consultants – Paediatric

Dr. Sushila

Dr. Sharadha

Dr. Jeyaprakash

Ultrasound Department

Dr. Sredevi

Dr. Komagal

Dr. Chandrakala

Anaesthesia department

Dr. Madan

Dr. Mathew

Visiting Consultants

Dr. Kavya

Dr. Somesh

Dr.Naveen Alexander

Assistant Doctors

Dr. Priya

Dr. Vasanthi

Dr. Aishwarya

Dr. Venkatesh

Our Facilities

Direct Approach
Create simple,accessible and direct treatment
Highest Quality
Utilize latest Research and Technologies to ensure best solutions
Educate patients to allow them to make an informed decision
Propagate learnings to educate the next generation of caregivers.
Avoid unnecessary elements of treatment to create effective and quality options

Practical High-Quality Healthcare

Accessible To All Women And Children