Joseph Hospitals

Joseph Hospitals has been a pioneer in Women’s Healthcare in Chennai for over 35 years and continues to lead the way in Laparoscopy, Obstetrics and Gynecology in the country.

Women’s Healthcare in Chennai

JNH provides an array of healthcare solutions centred around women and children, from a routine check-up to advanced treatments.

Healthcare For Women & Children

The hospital was among the forerunners for endoscopic treatment in India and this has allowed us to remain as a leader in the field of Gynaecology in India.

Our Specialities


We are the best in approaching Pre-Pregnancy Counselling, Antenatal Care, Delivery & Postnatal Care and Fetal Medicine.


We diagnose and treat a range of gynaecology related problems like menstrual disorders, pain, abnormal uterine bleeding and also menopauserelated Etc.,

Paediatric & Newborn Care

The paediatric department is manned by qualified Pediatricians’ who see the babies as soon as they are born. Screening for birth anomalies are done

Fertility Treatment

IUI IVF/ICSI for couples not able to have a child. Specialist in providing treatment like Andrology

Preventive Medicine

This preventive checkup has a master checkup, Cancer Screening, Colposcopy, Mammogram screening.

Our Panel of Doctors

Dr. Kurian Joseph

Dr. Kurian Joseph


A qualified obstetrician & gynaecologist and endoscopic surgeon.
Dr. Rekha Kurian

Dr. Rekha Kurian


An obstetrician, gynaecologist and endoscopic surgeon.
Dr. Tarun Joseph Kurian

Dr. Tarun Joseph Kurian


Trained in Chennai qualified as MS (Obgyn)and helps in the running of the hospital.

History of Joseph Hospitals

After 20 years working at Stanley Medical College, Dr A K Joseph retired and began to focus on his private practice. He had an extensive practice in Chennai, and he would admit patients in over 15 hospitals / nursing homes across the city.
To consolidate the practice, he supported his son (Dr Kurian Joseph) and daughter-in-law (Dr Rekha Kurian) in the setting up of Joseph Nursing Home.
So, in 1984, the land where the current hospital stands were purchased from the Taj Mahal Beedi Family and was in fact the garden of the family house.

Why Choose Us?

Direct Approach
Create simple,accessible and direct treatment
Highest Quality
Utilize latest Research and Technologies to ensure best solutions
Educate patients to allow them to make an informed decision
Propagate learnings to educate the next generation of caregivers.
Avoid unnecessary elements of treatment to create effective and quality options

Expert Doctors. Professional Care.

Most Trusted Hospital for Women & Child Care